September 2014

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The last issue of our newsletter for 2014 brings to you the key education findings and policy directions emerging from recent OECD analysis in a single accessible free source.

Education at a Glance
The world is slowly moving out of the worst economic crisis of our lifetimes. With productivity, innovation, investment and trade not yet at full steam, the recovery still bears risks. It is also becoming clear that economic growth is not enough to foster social progress, particularly if the growth dividend is not shared equitably. Indeed, the social cost of the crisis continues to weigh heavily, with more than 46 million people out of work in OECD countries and relative poverty affecting millions more. In many countries the gap between the richest and the poorest is widening, youth unemployment remains high, and access to social services remains elusive for many. The world is looking for ways to spur economic growth in a more inclusive manner. The OECD contributes to this effort by developing the evidence and tools that policy makers can use to formulate new policies to achieve this goal. This edition of Education at a Glance provides ample evidence of the critical role that education and skills play in fostering social progress.

News roundup
OECD Tohoku School Cherry Tree Planting Ceremony
The Tohoku school students planted a cherry tree in the OECD Château de la Muette gardens offering a fitting symbol not only of the excellence of their achievements, but of their gratitude to the citizens of the world for their solidarity, as well as of the remarkable resilience of the Japanese people.

3 new Chinese provinces to join PISA 2015
The OECD and China have announced that they will expand their cooperation in PISA, following the successful implementation of PISA 2009 and 2012 in Shanghai. The provinces of Beijing, Jiangsu and Guangdong will take part in the 2015 survey, in addition to Shanghai .

PISA for Schools
During the 2013/2014 school year, 285 schools participated in the first cycle of the public availability of the PISA-Based Test for Schools (or OECD Test for Schools as it is known in the United States). Schools are using the assessment to engage in learning experiences with other schools and to shape local policies and learning outcomes. Schools can now sign up for testing in the 2014/2015 school year in the United States.

2014 Harold W. McGraw, Jr. Prize in Education
The annual Harold W. McGraw, Jr. Prize in Education, sponsored by the McGraw Hill Financial Research Foundation, recognises outstanding individuals who have dedicated themselves to education innovation Andreas Schleicher, OECD’s Director for Education and Skills, has been named the winner of the Global Leadership Prize.

OECD Skills Strategy Action Report: Norway
This report draws upon the valuable insights provided by both governmental and non-governmental actors in Norway’s skills system to identify five key actions. This five key actions together constitute a strong and coherent platform for new policy development and better implementation of existing skills policies. Readers will find more information about the five actions in the Action Report.

Skills beyond Schools
On 17 October 2014 we will published the latest in our series of reports: A Skills beyond School Review of the Netherlands, at The Hague in the presence of the Minister of Education of the Netherlands. Additionally in November 2014 we will release A Skills beyond School Review of Kazhakstan and the final synthesis report will be released in English on 13 November 2014 at the Skills Show in Birmingham, UK.

Trends Shaping Education Spotlight
This spotlight examines how education plays a crucial role in raising awareness of environmental challenges and shaping the attitudes and behaviours that can make a difference. It looks at the role of education in both preparing and providing our citizens with the skills needed for a sustainable and productive future.

Innovation and Measuring Progress
The Summary Report is now available from the Symposium on "Teachers as Learning Specialists - Implications for Teachers' Pedagogical Knowledge and Professionalism (Brussels, 18 June 2014), co-hosted by OECD/CERI and the Flemish Ministry’s Department of Education and Training..

OECD Reviews of Evaluation and Assessment in Education
This recent review of approaches to evaluation and assessment in Dutch schools shows that although their education system has made progress on many fronts and has a high standing on international assessments, there is a general appreciation that the system must continue to improve and strive for the next level. The report outlines possible future approaches.

Education Policy Outlook: Country Profiles
Following the publication of the Country profiles for Denmark, France, Germany and Spain, we will be publishing 2 more at the end of 2014 for the Netherlands and Portugal. An analysis of common challenges, policy lessons learnt and reflections on how to make reform happen in education.

Just Published

Education at a Glance 2014: OECD Indicators
The annual publication is the authoritative source for accurate and relevant information on the state of education around the world. It provides data on the structure, finances, and performance of education systems.

Measuring Innovation in Education : A New Perspective (CERI)
This gives readers new international comparative information about innovation in education compared to other sectors.
Forthcoming Events

3-5 November 2014
CERI Conference on Innovation, Governance and Reform in Education.

20-21 November 2014
"What Works" Conference on Entrepreneurship and Higher Education

Policy Papers

PISA in Focus
• Do 15-year-olds know how to manage money?
• When is competition between schools beneficial?

Education Indicators in Focus
• How innovative is the education sector?


Education at a Glance: Interactive data visualisation to compare your country

• OECD Education GPS
• PISA International Database
• Education at a Glance raw data

Global perspectives on Education

Sowing the seeds of education reform, by Marilyn Achiron, Editor, Directorate for Education and Skills

Poverty and the perception of poverty – how both matter for schooling outcomes, by Andreas Schleicher, Director, Directorate for Education and Skills

What did we learn from TALIS?, by Kristen Weatherby, former Senior Analyst, Directorate for Education and Skills

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Working Papers

• Shifting Responsibilities - 20 Years of Education Devolution in Sweden, by Patrick Blanchenay, Tracey Burns, Florian Köster

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