March 2016

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The first issue of our newsletter for 2016 delivers to you the key education findings and policy directions emerging from recent OECD analysis in a single accessible free source.

International Summit of the Teaching Profession 2016
The 6th edition of the International Summit of the Teaching Profession brought together 36 Ministers and Vice Ministers from 23 countries with their union leaders, with over 400 participants in attendance. The event was co-hosted by the OECD, Education International and Germany on 3-4 March in Berlin.
The theme of the summit was on "Teachers' professional learning and growth: Creating the conditions to achieve quality teaching for excellent learning outcomes".
The summit exposed wide differences in (1) the quality and nature of labour relations in education and progress with this since the last summit; (2) how countries seek to strike a balance between ownership and consensus to make education systems more resilient to political changes, on the one hand, and openness and responsiveness to new societal demands, on the other; and (3) the delivery architecture, through which countries establish and distribute leadership and consistency of focus and prioritisation.
In the wake of the rising extremism and polarisation, conversations also centred around how schools can better prepare students to value plurality and for a world in which people need to collaborate with people of diverse cultural origins, and appreciate different ideas, perspectives and values.

News roundup

Teacher Ready! The State of Play in Initial Teacher Preparation
Following the official launch of the TALIS Initial Teacher Preparation Study in Paris in January 2016, a new series of reviews of policy and practice is being launched in 10 countries. The first report from the study entitled Teacher Ready! The State of Play in Initial Teacher Preparation will be released later in 2016.

TALIS Global Video Library
The TALIS International video study of teaching practices will pilot methodologies to capture real teaching practices and examines the analytical insights from such data. The pilot video study got off to a start with 8 participating countries and economies.

Enhancing Higher Education System Performance
Our work on higher education is made up of two separate but interrelated strands of work: benchmarking higher education system performance and the in-depth analysis of higher education topics. The first topic of analysis is the labour market relevance and outcomes of higher education systems. From 2017, countries will be able to choose to participate in one or both of these strands of work, according to their national priorities.

Building Skills for All: A Review of England
Building Skills for All - A Review of England was published on 28 January 2016. The review is part of a study that is exploring key skills challenges emerging from The Survey of Adult Skills (PIAAC) that aims to advance policy recommendations designed to improve basic skills and their utilization.

Skills beyond School
A Skills beyond School review of the Slovak Republic examines the provision vocational education and training, and identifies five key challenges that it faces, including: the limited provision of work-based learning opportunities for vocational students; the lack of postsecondary vocational pathways; a lack of data on key labour market outcomes; the need to develop the vocational teaching workforce; the improved integration of disadvantaged groups and youth at risk; and the challenge of improving basic skills among vocational learners.

Work-Based Learning
At a seminar held in London in February organised by the OECD and the UK Commission for Employment and Skills, 50 participants from nine countries exchanged a host of ideas and innovations on how work-based learning schemes can balance the different interests of employers and trainees while maximising productivity benefits. The seminar is part of a wider OECD project, which focuses on different topics in work-based learning for which a report is due to be published in May 2016. Further workshops and seminars will take place between April and September 2016.

OECD Reviews of School Resources
An OECD Review of Schools Resources on the Slovak Republic was published in February which analyses how resources can be used to improve the quality, equity and efficiency of school education. The OECD recommends a range of strategies which include: continuing efforts to increase public spending on school education; further consolidating the school network; developing capacity for inclusive education in order to improve equity outcomes; and improving the use of human resources on the school system. OECD Reviews of School Resources for Estonia and Lithuania will be the next to be released in 2016.

Thomas J. Alexander Fellowship
We are pleased to announce the awards for the Thomas J. Alexander Fall 2015 Call for Proposals: Denise Reis Costa (Brazil), Ellen Boeren (Scotland). The next call for proposals will run from 28 March to 23 May 2016.

Just Published
Teaching Excellence through Professional Learning and Policy Reform: Lessons from Around the World
The OECD background report to the sixth International Summit on the Teaching Profession, describes the knowledge, skills and character qualities common to the most effective teachers.
Supporting Teacher Professionalism: Insights from TALIS 2013
This report examines the nature and extent of support for teacher professionalism using the Teaching and Learning International Survey (TALIS) 2013.
PISA Low-Performing Students: Why They Fall Behind and How To Help Them Succeed
This publication examines low performance at school by looking at low performers' family background, education career and attitudes towards school.
Trends Shaping Education 2016
This book looks at major trends affecting the future of education and sets the background on upcoming challenges for policy makers and education providers alike.
Immigrant Students at School: Easing the Journey towards Integration
This report examines not only immigrant students’ aspirations and sense of belonging at school, but also recent trends in Europeans’ receptiveness to welcoming immigrants into their own countries.
Policy Papers

PISA in Focus
• Who are the low-performing students?
• Does it matter how much time students spend on line outside of school?

Education Indicators in Focus
• How is learning time organised in primary and secondary education?


Review Education Polices

• OECD Education GPS
• PISA International Database
• Education at a Glance raw data

Global perspectives on Education

21st Century Children, by Tracey Burns and Manuela Fitzpatrick, OECD Directorate for Education and Skills

Joining the battle against extremism, by Andreas Schleicher, Director of the OECD Directorate for Education and Skills

Backpacks and belonging: What school can mean to immigrant students, by Marilyn Achiron, Editor, Education and Skills Directorate

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Working Papers

• Budgeting and Accounting in OECD Education Systems: A Literature Review, by Tala Fakharzadeh

• Student Learning Time: A Literature Review, by Anna Gromada and Claire Shewbridge

• PISA For Development Technical Strand A: Enhancement of PISA Cognitive Instruments, by Ray Adams and John Cresswell

Forthcoming Events

31 May - 2 June 2016, Paris, France
OECD Forum and Ministerial Council Meeting "Enhancing Productivity for Inclusive Growth"

29-30 June 2016, Bergen, Norway
Skills Summit 2016 - Skills Strategies for Productivity, Innovation and Inclusion

26-27 September 2016, Jerusalem, Israel
Global Education Industry Summit

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